WORKSHOP: Immuno-imaging and molecular therapy

Several Immune-Image partners are organising and giving lectures in the ICMI workshop ‘Immuno-Imaging and molecular therapy’. Due to the current pandemic, the workshop will happen through live webcasted lectures in dedicated time slots from April 20-24, 2020.

This year the annual one-week workshop on antibody- and nanobody-based imaging has been shifted towards an online live webcast due to the current pandemic. The lectures are open for any researcher and are free of charge.

The online workshop ‘Immuno-imaging and molecular therapy’ aims to bring together national and international experts in the fields of antibody-engineering, clinical and preclinical nuclear imaging, tracer design, image acquisition and reconstruction, (radio)chemistry, targeted radionuclide therapy, optical and microscopic imaging, immunogenicity and intellectual property. Altogether, a full overview of the research topic ‘immunotheranostics’ will be provided. In particular, a special focus will be put on nanobodies as an example of engineered antibody vehicles for noninvasive imaging and targeted therapy.

Manfred Kneilling from Tubingen University (WP4 leader, from partner 2), Geert Raes from VIB (partner 6), Nick Devoogdt from VUB (WP3 leader, partner 5) and Marleen Keyaerts (Task 6.1 leader, partner 5), all being researchers of the Immune-Image consortium, are among the lecturers.

If you are interested and would like to receive more information about the workshop and the program, please send an email to